Salto de Soroa | Soroa Waterfall

El Salto de Soroa Waterfall

El Salto de Soroa is the Spanish name for Soroa Waterfall which is located near to the village of Soroa in the Province Pinar del Rio in Cuba. This impressive natural waterfall has a total height of about 20 meters (66 feet). Getting to the waterfall is via some well marked footpaths directly from the main parking area close by.

Waterfall Soroa Cuba

The water cascades down into a natural pool and shallow river below which is both popular and ideal for freshwater bathing and swimming. Soroa is known as “the Rainbow of Cuba” for the rainbow that sometimes hovers over the falls. The area is a good place to take a walk in the woods and marvel in the rich and vibrant plant life including the natural orchids in the area. El Salto is this context would mean “jump” as in the water “jumping” from the cliffs to the pool below.

El Salto de Soroa