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Things to See and Do Soroa Pinar Del Rio

Autopista-Nacional-Pinar-del Rio

The whole area which includes Soroa is part of the picturesque Cuban rural countryside which makes up Pinar del Rio, arguably one of Cuba’s most fortunate and blessed provinces. The provincial border of Pinar del Rio is just 74 km (46 miles) from Havana city center, yet the contrasts are quite striking indeed. The short distance and numerous attractions make a visit to this area, as explained below, entirely “doable” if you leave Havana early in your Cuban rent a car and contemplate arriving back into Havana at around 7pm. It makes for a non-stressful pleasant day out and, at a total of just 200km roundtrip, including the below mentioned side trips, its very worthwhile.

Pinar del Rio Las Terrazas

Pinar del Rio features some sublime ecotourism venues and coastal resorts such as Maria La Gorda and the islands of Cayo Levisa and Cayo Jutia. The first place you´ll get to when arriving from Havana is the agricultural community of Las Terrazas which is 17 km (11 mi) east of Soroa, itself a component of the immense Cuban biosphere reserve established by UNESCO in 1985. Visitors can have lunch or spend a night at the ecological Hotel La Moka also located in Las Terrazas. The name of the area is derived from the terraced forests that were originally carved into the slopes as a coffee plantation; the terraces are now staggered levels making up the farm and hotel workers’ living quarters. Tobacco plantations in the area seem to have overtaken coffee as the main agricultural crop.

Tabaco-Plantations-Pinar-del rio

Coming from Havana, you will reach Las Terrazas and the Hotel Moka first, just over the border in Pinar del Rio Province. After leaving the excellent 4 lane Cuban main highway called the Autopista Nacional. At the well-signposted turnoff at Km 51 you’ll pass through the toll gate 4 km (2½ mi) north and continue into the eco park, which originally was used as coffee plantations by French settlers who came from Haiti at the end of the 18th century. Then, while continuing your journey through the beautiful forests, Soroa can be reached via the mountain road through the nature reserve or by staying on the highway autopista another 29 KM until you get to turnoff Km 80.

Soroa Lake Robaina

We highly recommend taking the KM 51 exit and entering the area through the Hotel Moka roadway even if you will not be staying at La Moka it is worth seeing the hotel with its 200 year old trees growing through its windows and floors. Driving from Las Terrazas to Soroa is then a short 20ish kilometers through some truly sublime countryside.

Hotel Soroa Pinar del Rio Cuba

Hotel Villa Soroa Cuba

Hotel Soroa is a three star hotel located in Soroa a rural area of Pinar del Rio right next to the famous waterfall called El Salto. The hotel offers an excellent freshwater pool and can be described as cozy with a very quiet atmosphere. Places of interest around the Hotel Soroa are of course the famous Orchid Garden with over 700 species of orchids, El Salto and the Castle in the Clouds all set in stunning rural scenery.

Villa Soroa Hotel Cuba

The chalet cabana designed accommodation is well spaced in the hotel grounds and offers a real sensation or airiness and privacy as they are well spread out. International cable TV is available in all rooms and maid service is excellent. The pool and pool bar is nice as is the breakfast buffet service and other meal offerings. Due to the hotels location Hotel Soroa offers a rural ambience ideal for relaxing and taking in nature. Not far from major tourist centers of Havana it can easily be reached in a mornings driving or via tour bus. Kids will enjoy the frolicking under the waterfall El Salto (the jump) or a swim in the crystalline waters of the river near the Hotel Soroa.

Hotel Soroa Pinar del Rio

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Soroa Cuba Hotel Reservations

Salto de Soroa | Soroa Waterfall

El Salto de Soroa Waterfall

El Salto de Soroa is the Spanish name for Soroa Waterfall which is located near to the village of Soroa in the Province Pinar del Rio in Cuba. This impressive natural waterfall has a total height of about 20 meters (66 feet). Getting to the waterfall is via some well marked footpaths directly from the main parking area close by.

Waterfall Soroa Cuba

The water cascades down into a natural pool and shallow river below which is both popular and ideal for freshwater bathing and swimming. Soroa is known as “the Rainbow of Cuba” for the rainbow that sometimes hovers over the falls. The area is a good place to take a walk in the woods and marvel in the rich and vibrant plant life including the natural orchids in the area. El Salto is this context would mean “jump” as in the water “jumping” from the cliffs to the pool below.

El Salto de Soroa

Soroa Cell Phone Cubacel | Viñales & Soroa Mobile Phone

CubaCel Cuba Soroa Mobile Wireless

Soroa Cuba Mobile phone network coverage is very good these days. Some areas of Viñales near the Indian Cave and the remote river section in Soroa may offer limited coverage but overall it’s as good as the rest of Pinar del Rio. Unless you use a US mobile operator it’s more than likely that you will be able to use roaming in Soroa and Viñales but this can be expensive. Staying connected in Cuba at a better rate will mean obtaining a Cuba SIM Card throughout your stay. Using cell phones in Cuba and Soroa is then much like anywhere else in the world where you can purchase Cubacel prepaid SIM card and use this anywhere in Cuba. You can purchase these prepaid Cuba SIM cards at the offices below and also recharge the phone with credit at these locations. Also, many hotels and stores in Soroa offer prepaid recharge cards should you need to do this on the go. If you have a credit card there are often Cubacel double recharge offers but to obtain these you will need to go on the internet as they are never available directly at Cubacel Offices in Soroa Cuba.

GPRS, Mobile Internet & 3G connections can also be used in Soroa Cuba. Cuba offers mobile internet to cell phone users with almost 100% national coverage but, this is more expensive than you are accustomed to and the network can be slower in Soroa Cuba than other countries.

If you decide to take your own mobile phone to Soroa Cuba, please be aware that it will need to be unlocked and operate on the 900 to 1800 MHz GSM frequency. Almost all mobile phones produced since 2005 are quad band and as such will work but, please check your owner manual to avoid disappointment. Buy your Cuban SIM card below and also recharge here and at hotel receptions in Cuba.

Pinar del Rio Etecsa Main Office – Alameda # 11A esq. Maceo, Pinar del Río.

Pinar del Rio Cell phone Recharge & Mobile Centers

Pinar del Río Centro Multiservicios ETECSA, Calle 5ta esquina B, Rpto Hermanos Cruz From Monday to Saturday Alternate weekends 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Artemisa Main CubaCEL Office – Calle 33 esquina 48

Artemisa Cell phone Recharge & Mobile Centers

Baracoa – Calle 150 Esquina 3era Playa Baracoa, Bauta From Monday to Friday 8:30 AM a 6:30 PM, Saturdays de 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Soroa Cuba Casa Particular | Soroa Bed & Breakfast

Casa Particular Soroa Pinar del rio

A Casa Particular in Soroa or homestay bed & breakfast in Soroa Pinar del Rio or just outside Soroa in Viñales will ensure you experience both the wonders of Soroa’s amazing culture, immersed in one-on-one contact with your Cuban hosts in the UNESCO acclaimed region. Learn about Soroa’s rich history, together with true Cuban hospitality. The owners of your casa particular in Soroa speak fluent English and have a profound knowledge of the city and its many sights. Any questions you wish to ask will be answered instantly by the Cuban family you are staying with. Some of our casa particulares also offer meals and drinks, meaning you’ll get to try some authentic Cuban food also. All our casa particular in Cuba are bed & breakfast included.

Here is a list of just a few Casa Particulares in or near Soroa which can be reserved online through us.

Soroa Cuba Casa Particular SearchSee all 57 Casa Particulares in or near Soroa